Coolest Red and Black Spiderman Birthday Cake

I got the recipe from this website from other people who submitted their cakes. The frosting for the Red and Black Spiderman Birthday Cake was homemade butter-cream compliments of a friend who is a chef. My boys turned 4 and 7 in December and they both wanted to have a party together this year so we did.

They dressed up as the black and red Spiderman for Halloween so they decided to have a Spiderman themed birthday. I was looking at ideas for the party online and they saw the pics of the cakes and really wanted to have a 3D version. My older son suggested having the cake half red and half black and they wanted to wear their costumes as well. This was my first attempt with a 3D cake and I am really happy I did it because the boys loved it and it was a lot of fun to make.

The recipe I used was, two 9″ and one 8″ round cakes stacked on top of each other. Then cut another 8″ round cake into quarters and placed two quarters on each side of the stacked cakes to make the shoulders. The head was made from Rice Krispies treats molded into the head shape. I used wax paper to easily mold the head. Then I used a medium sized dowel to hold the head up and sit in the middle of the stacked cakes. Then frosted and piped the webbing, eyes, and letters.

To make the black frosting I used chocolate butter-cream frosting and added blue food coloring one drop at a time until I got the shade I needed.