Coolest Red Guitar Cake

I made this Red Guitar Cake for my son Steve’s 2nd birthday. He loves to play his guitar so thought I could bake a guitar cake for his birthday! I searched the website for ideas and came across your website. It did help me to get ideas for decorating the cake.

I baked a simple white cake and cut it into shape with the cut out of a guitar (took a print out of a desired size), frosted it with butter cream frosting so that the marshmallow fondant would stick on the cake. I made the fondant using marshmallow, it came out pretty good. Used red and brown coloring to get the desired color for the guitar’s body. I rolled out white fondant on top of the red body and cut it into shape. I used water to stick white fondant on the red body. I used a hint of brown coloring for the fret board and darkened it a bit for the neck.. used black fondant for the keys, frets, tuning keys and strap pegs.

Everything on the cake is edible,bused red twizzlers for the guitar strings and the rest (fret board, neck, keys) is made out of fondant. Used tooth picks to hold the keys and strap pegs onto the cake, the only thing that was inedible!!

The final out come was good, I just brushed some shortening on the finished guitar cake to give that glossy look. I hope some of these tips help you. Thanks for checking out the cake. Steve was happy to see his guitar cake and everybody loved it too.

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