My son was very specific about the concept for his Regular Show Zombie birthday cake this year. The best way to achieve the look of the cake was to apply two specific techniques for decorating.

The two tiered chocolate cake (Ina Garten’s amazing chocolate cake recipe) came out perfectly shaped and was delicious. The two 9″ layers for the base were filled with whipped cream with crushed Oreo cookies. They were crumbed with chocolate frosting and then covered with rolled out marshmallow fondant colored a grey/blue and then dry brushed with black candy coloring to give it a moody night look. This was then repeated for the two 5″ layers.

The characters were diverse and based on a cartoon so I decided to create them from melted chocolate wafers and trace pictures of them and then decorate the cake with each figure. I drew them to size for the cake and then traced them onto parchment with a sharpie. The parchment is then flipped over onto white paper and taped to a cookie sheet.

I melted all the colors I needed at the same time for each character and outlined them with dark chocolate and then filled the shapes with the colors. Microwave the candy in 30 second intervals and stir in between until melted and then add color if needed. Most of the colors were off the shelf packages but some of them were made by adding candy color to white. To apply the chocolate to the parchment I filled small plastic bottles designed for candy making with small tips for dispensing. I outlined the figures in dark chocolate and then filled with the colors. I made sure to make the backs thick where areas were thin to decrease the chance of breakage.

To keep colors I needed melted I used a double boiler but you have to be careful not to burn the chocolate or it can ruin the consistency. The figures cool in about 5-10 minutes and then I carefully removed them from the parchment and stored them until the party and added them to the cake.

Final touch was some black glitter sugar to look like the cake was unearthed for the zombies. Mordecai (the bird) did break but I easily fixed it by adding more melted chocolate to the back.

Each child got a figure and they loved running around with them and eating them. My son was really happy too!