Coolest Rex the Dinosaur Cake

My son asked for a green dinosaur cake for his 3rd birthday, so I went online and found a real cute Betty Crocker Rex the Dinosaur Cake recipe which looked easy enough to make.

For the cake itself he choose chocolate orange (we’re dealing with a little boy who really knows what he likes here!). Figuring that a dense cake would be easiest to cute and would crumb less, I found and used this recipe which is absolutely amazing. I left out the vanilla essence and replaced it with 2 teaspoons of orange essence and the rind of one orange.

The recipe calls for 2 baking pans, but obviously you only need 2 for this cake. Obviously you can use Betty Crocker mixes, but as we do not live in the US, these are not ready available here and I prefer to make my cakes from scratch anyway.

For the icing I used 3 quantities of Vienna cream and green food coloring paste. For the decorations I used candy bananas cut in half, M&Ms and chocolate buttons. I used white icing for the mouth and pupils.

If you freeze your cakes for about 45 mins before cutting them, you will find that one thick coat of icing leaves your finish virtually crumb free. The video on the Betty Crocker site gives some good tips and is worth watching!