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Coolest Rey Mysterio Wrestling Cake

My son loves wrestling so I searched for ideas. Well after several dead ends, I decided to get creative. One of his favorite wrestlers is Rey Mysterio, so I constructed this Rey Mysterio Wrestling Cake by using a Batman cake pan. We removed the cape and the little ear things at the top. Rounded the head off piped in the neck. Used the original chest and the gloves with Wilton skin tone. The only thing I wish his skin would have been a little darker.

We had to freehand the mask. My son’s favorite is the black and green so that is what we used. Then on the Batman cake pan there was the rounded area that was supposed to be the sun or moon. I chose orange simply because I thought it would make the black and lime green stick out, piped it in and replaced the word Mexican he has tattooed across his stomach with his signature move 619.

I was very happy with the way it turned out and needless to say my son was very excited!

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