I was asked by a friend/co-worker to make a baby shower cake for her friend. The couple didn’t want anything crazy, just a simple cake. The only thing they did ask for was for it to be chocolate. I decided to do a 2 tier, 10 inch and 8 inch round. I started out buy baking 2 10 inch round cakes and 2 8 inch round cakes. That took a majority of the time in this cake.

After they were done cooling, I cut the tops off and crumb coated them with butter cream icing. I had purchased already rolled chocolate fondant for the brown color. I figured it would taste better and it was easier than coloring the white myself. After covering the 2 layers with the chocolate fondant I cut 4 dowel rods and inserted them in to the bottom layer to hold the 8 inch layer on top. The 8 inch cake was held by cardboard.

Once the cakes were together used a box of white already rolled fondant and colored each half baby blue and a baby green color. I then cut out a bunch of little circles of both colors with the big and small end of a frosting tip. All of the circles were “glued” on with butter cream. I covered both tiers of the cake with a ribbon on the bottom to cover any imperfections. The top layer was done by cutting out long strips of each color and crossing them over the cake.

The bow was probably the hardest thing to do on this cake. I got the direction off of Wilton’s website. All you do is cut long strips of each color and then cut them in half and pinch the ends together, set them on their sides to dry. When almost dry you one by one build your bow. I places rolled paper towels in the bow loops to make sure they dried with out falling.