Coolest Riverboat Cake

This Homemade Riverboat Cake was made for a retirement party, after the Barefoot Princess was sold to new owners. I did my best to make the cake look as much like the real boat as I could, and learned a lot from the process.

I used three 9×13 inch cake pans, baked different flavors…chocolate, yellow and cinnamon. Cake boards are separating all of the tiers with dowel rods placed in the cake for added support. I used a round cookie cutter for the smoke stacks, and a square fondant cutter for the pilot house.

I used chocolate icing tinted with black food coloring on the bottom, along with the other accents in black. To secure the smoke stacks and pilot house to the cake, I used small wooden skewers and punched them through the cake and cake boards.

Unfortunately though, while hammering the stick through the pilot house, it caused the cake to sink down in the back part, causing the pilot house to be slightly slanted. We said that the boat is a “racing” riverboat, topping speeds of 9 mph. Watch out!

The letters on the back were made out of fondant. I bought the pre-colored yellow fondant, rolled it out, and cut the letters using the fondant letter cutters. Then outlined the letters in black to match the writing on the back of the boat. My mother-in-law suggested the Bon Voyage, since it was for a retirement party…perfect!

I added the blue icing for more effect and to make the boat look like it was cruising town the river. Next time I make a cake like this, I’ll use bigger pans to evenly distribute the pilot house and smoke stacks, and also to have more room to add railings around the outside of the boat.

Bon Voyage, Barefoot Princess!

Homemade Riverboat Cake

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  1. where can I get the coolest riverboat cake 16? been looking for some time for one like that had a guy in Singapore who said he makes them for one hundred eighty dollars as I picked myself off th floor I said no thanks an bye could I be put in touch with person who made it? There were pics. of 4 on line they were all nice but they disappeared pls contact me Carole Matthews at It looks just like the American Queen Steamboat we just got off of a 5 day cruise on Miss River I am NOT giving up till I find my riverboat cake there has got to be one out there somewhere so please help thanks

  2. hi been looking for cake lie this for a year can the person who made this make one for me an maybe Delta Queen/American Queen? riverboats one based out of Memphis gives cruises the other permanently tied in Chatanooga Tenn as botique hotel can I be put in touch with who made this? In my area everyone says they are not sure they could do it

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