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Cool Homemade Robot Birthday Cake

At the time of my son’s 4th birthday, robot themed party supplies were hard to find. I searched online for robot images, found one I liked, photoshoped it a bit to fit my needs and printed it out so that I could refer to it while decorating the Robot Birthday Cake. Thankfully icing is quite forgiving so if you mess up you can swipe it away or just add to it. There’s really not much to this cake, it is a double layered cake which takes 2 boxes of cake mix and I used 2 or 3 cans of vanilla icing that I colored myself.

I started by coloring the whole cake blue and then I let that firm up. I then went in and drew the robot with black, filled it in with the red and touched up with the black. I hadn’t planned it but luckily the candy letters all fit inside the robot’s belly and I had a couple of extra O’s that I used for his eyes. Not my best drawing but it’s cute and the kids loved it.

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