I have always wanted to make a doll cake for my daughter, but she is not what you would call a “Barbie girl.” She does, however love the Monster High dolls and Web cartoon. So this year I decided to make a Rochelle Goyle from Monster High doll cake for her.

New dolls that she did not have in her collection were currently released; one of which being Rochelle Goyle.She is a gargoyle from Paris. Her outfit is mostly black and white with flur de lis.

The skirt cake is dark chocolate with chocolate butter cream. I do not have a fancy doll cake pan, or even a bunt pan, so I baked 3 cakes. One was baked in a small mixing bowl, one was baked in my round casserole dish, and the bottom tier was baked in an 8″ round cake pan. Once stacked and iced it looked rather like a brown bullet.

I used white butter cream to crumb coat the cake. I got the doll out of the packaging and wrapped her in foil. She then was shoved down the center of the cake.

Having the main part out off the way, I trimmed the skirt with black tinted Carmel. My child strongly dislikes fondant. If you unwrap several caramels and microwave for a short time you can tint and roll it out the same way as fondant.

Between the strips of Caramel I added ruffles of butter cream, and dusted it here and there with luster dust, for that sparkle.

At 3 am I was hit with the brilliant idea of topping the entire thing with spun sugar spider webs for that freaky fab look. The webs were made on separate bowls as to not get on the doll.

The birthday girl was thrilled with the final results.