Coolest Rocket Cake

This rocket cake was pretty easy. Use a 9″x13″ prepared cake (mix or other) then cut out the sections. Try to be careful at the bottom triangles, because you will be using those on top.

I found that I didn’t have enough cake to do the “USA” part, (which was 4.5″ x 1.5″) but was lucky to have another spare cake – but I think a Twinkee would do fine too.

Once the cake is cut out in the rocket shape – cover with buttercream. Make sure frosting isn’t too thick or it will pull your cake apart. I had to add a little of milk/water to mine to thin it down.

Once cake is frosted – the fun begins. I used a star tip (Wilton #7 or #8) to pipe white stars all along the top and bottom edge of cake. Also around the Twinkee part. Then I took some blue gel and put one drop in the middle of those. I also took M&M’s (the mom for this cake had her m&m’s personalized with her son’s b’day and a saying “shoot to the moon”), but regular M&M’s would have been fine. I also piped a few lines and the birthday boys name.

For the flames coming out of the bottom of the rocket, I used the Twizzler pull and peel licorice, made a small hole in the bottom of the cake and placed it in there. All in all it was a pretty easy cake that came out pretty cute.

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