Coolest Rocket Cake

My son wanted a rocket cake last year, so away I went.

This is a six layer cake, so three recipes. I used the same size 8″ pan for all of them and filled them with chocolate butter cream. I inserted about 5 wooden skewers cut to the right height to stabilize the tall cake. I then carved off the sides to give a slope to the rocket’s shoulders. Kids were happy to eat scraps, bien sur.

I put an ice cream cone to make the point, or steeple, or whatever it’s called. I missed out on astronaut school.

Then I covered the cake with white butter cream (there is quite a lot on the shoulders to give the smooth slope, that was popular), and decorated it with blue accents and silver balls on top of the blue. You can’t really see them, but there are blue porthole windows on the sides and back. Wrote his name in blue and put a big 7 candle on top, as sticking in 7 individual candles would have been difficult on such a vertical cake. Wax would have dripped I think, down the sides.

The rocket’s fins I made by melting white Melton wafers (chocolate disks) and dying a small portion blue (a few drops of blue food dye stirred in). I piped the outline of the fins with the blue (on a cookie sheet with parchment paper – it doesn’t stick), and when it had hardened (in the fridge helps speed this up) filled in the blue outlines with melted white chocolate. When those had hardened I stuck them into the sides.

C’est tout! Boys loved it at the party.

Homemade Rocket Cake

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