Awesome Homemade Roller Coaster Birthday Cake

I made this Roller Coaster Birthday Cake for my nephew’s 2nd birthday party, which was at an amusement park. The base is half a sheet cake and I created the hills by slicing an 8in and a 6in round cake in half.

The hills were yellow cake with vanilla pudding in the middle and the sheet cake was chocolate with fudge filling. The icing was vanilla buttercream. I made the roller coaster out of legos. I used a grass tip to make the grass. I put wooden dowel rods through the hills to secure them to the sheet cake. I also used suckers on the side of the small hill, which gave it a little more support and I put wind toys on each side of the big hill.

I traveled three hours in the car with it and everything stayed in place! All of the kids went

crazy over this cake! It was a lot of work, but well worth it!

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