I made this roller coaster cake for my nephew’s 8th birthday which was held at a local theme park. The kids went crazy for the cake!

I made 4 round cakes and one small square cake. After baking and cooling the cakes frost the top of one round cake and then top with another round cake. I cut the cake in half. Wrap the two halves separately in plastic wrap and put in freezer. Repeat with the other two round cakes. Freeze the cakes overnight so they stay together and don’t pull apart.

You may want to trim the frozen cake halves to make different size hills. Frost the bottom of each cake half (the cut part) and arrange on a cake board. Frost the hills in a solid color and then frost the lines for the coaster frame in a criss cross pattern. Frost the lines for the track with black icing.

I used the square cake in the center of the coaster and frosted to look like grass. I also piped grass onto the cake board to cover the blank spaces. I put the birthday candles on the square cake.

I used rolled wafer cookies and strawberry malt balls for the street lamps. The coaster cars were made with the rectangle shaped wafer cookies, trimmed so they were not so long.

The riders bodies were made by using flavored tootsie rolls. Heat in microwave for a few seconds to make them easier to mold. The riders heads are smarties. Hair and eyes were piped with icing. Flags were made using lollipop sticks and construction paper.

Have fun and enjoy!