It’s my moms birthday in a few days. I know she loves roses so this was going to be the theme of her cake. I decided to make just a small cake this time it’s just 5″ round.

First I made the roses in brown icing, 1/2 flower paste 1/2 roll out icing. I colored this myself. I then cut out small flowers for the side of the cake. I then colored some icing in pink and cut out some daisies too.

I then baked two tiers of coconut sponge and when cooled I filled with buttercream and jam and then covered in butter cream and chilled in the freezer before icing with white icing. I then made the ruffles around the base of the cake. I made these by rolling strips of brown icing. I rolled it very thinly but to make it even thinner I eased a cocktail stick. I then ruffled them together and attached around the base of the cake. When I had gone all around the cake I attached some thin white ribbon over the top of it

Now I attached the roses using some royal icing and then attached the pink daisies to the top of the cake and I then attached the brown flowers to the sides of the cake finally I attached the word mom. The cake was now finished