Coolest Rubber Duck Cake

I used the Wilton Rubber Duck cake pan which recommends using pound cake. I used a Better Crocker pound cake mix for the duck. So the cake was plenty firm and therefore, easy to decorate.

This was my first cake decorating experience so it isn’t perfect. The bottom layer is a regular 13 x 9 chocolate cake mix. I decorated it blue and made swirlies in it to look like water. This was actually nice because I am not good at getting a smooth frosting look so I didn’t have to stress over that. I decorated it and then set the duck on top and decorated it on top.

For the eye, I took a large chocolate chip and cut off the pointy end, placing it bottom side out. This saved me from having to have a tad bit of black frosting and was a tasty extra!

I had a lot of fun making the cake. People are very impressed with 3D cakes even when you use a pan to make it!