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Coolest Rubber Ducky Cake

My Rubber Ducky cake was for my sister in law’s Baby shower. I wanted a duck but didn’t want to buy a specialty pan because I didn’t think I’d use it again so I made a picture of a duck on a large paper and I wanted it to look like it was swimming in a bathtub of bubbles holding an umbrella.

I made 3 half sheets of cake and 1 8 inch round. I cut out my duck with 2 of the half sheets and filled it, then with the other half sheet I made the bottom part by just cutting it in thirds so that it would simulate water and be the bottom portion of the cake.

I cut the round in half and filled it so I made an umbrella with it. Since all the pieces are separate, each cake was different and with different fillings, so it gave us some variety. The icing is buttercream frosting and the flowers on the umbrella are made from gumpaste. I used a large star tips for the duck and then found tips as well as a leaf tip for the wings.

It was time consuming but worth the compliments.

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