Coolest Ruby Slipper Cake

My aunt loves The Wizard of Oz so for her 50th birthday I decided make her a Ruby Slipper Cake. I used box cake mixes, marshmallow fondant and buttercream icing. The base for the slippers was a half sheet pan. I found a “brick wall” for a doll house at hobby lobby and I used it as a pattern to roll out my yellow fondant on. I placed the yellow brick road on the cake and piped grass all around.

For the shoes, I stacked cake up and carved them out, covered them in red buttercream and pressed red sugar crystals all over (this was time consuming but really made it great)! I rolled out red fondant and carved out the bows, put a layer of buttercream and more crystals. I found that using fondant made the bows stand out. I also dyed extra fondant grey and placed it on top of the shoes to give the illusion on looking inside.

I placed the slippers on top, piped a little more grass around the edges of the shoes and it was awesome! I even found a wand at a local party store that topped it all off. The cake was a huge success. The shoes turned out to be about a women’s size 9! A lot of cake!

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