Cool Homemade Safari Birthday Cake

This is for a senior in high school, I guess she and her mother were planing her birthday and she kept umming and aawing, and finally her mother asked her “whats up”?  She said are you going to ask what kind of cake I want Mrs. Wolff to make me. So I got the text to make a safari cake, I was OK, I will see what I can do, once again this is the first safari cake I have done, and with limited supplies I came up with something quite fun.

Her birthday was on Halloween, and was to be ready for that night, but got delayed. I was sick the day before and then the day of we had volleyball tournaments, if they won their game in the morning there would be no birthday party that night. They won the game and it gave me an extra couple days to finish it. So Saturday became the day of her new party and they absolutely loved the cake.

Coolest Safari Birthday Cake