Coolest Sailing Ship Cake

I used two long loaf tins to make a chocolate sandwich cake and created the hull by cutting two corners off to create a point. The first cake was the base and the second was used for the raised decking. I then iced the sailing ship cake as normal.

I used mint matchsticks to create the outlines of the ship and chocolate butter icing for the decking. I added to the effect by scoring lines with a fork to create a wood effect.

Then for sails it is simply greaseproof paper and kebab skewers.

For the sea I created marble effect using blue and white icing and rolled it out and bought a tube of blue decorating icing to create the waves around the boat.

The smaller tug boat was made completely of icing and was painted. It was really handy for the candles as I was worried about the wood and paper!

It went down really well and my dad was chuffed to bits. Cooking and prep time was about 4 1/2 hours – but then I’m not an expert!

To transport I simply took out the sails and laid them flat and re-erected it when we arrived at the party.

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