My cousin loves everything Scottish, especially castles. She turned 40 and her hubby suggested a Scottish Castle. So I made 2 sheet cakes (2 cake mixes each) and laid them side by side. Trimmed one of them on a slant and then flipped the cut part up on the other sheet cake to get the moors of Scotland.

I iced it with a whole lot of grass green butter cream and used gel tinted blue for the water and waves. The rocks are fondant tinted with a smidge of black and marbled. The path is Oreo crumbs. The castle ruins are rice krispie treats covered in royal icing to look like stone and I quickly cut the brick lines in with a toothpick.

We were reading some Scottish literature (romance, fiction – lol ) so I printed off some buff guys from romance novels and shrunk them to fit in the windows of the castle. I laminated them with some packing tape and stuck them in with some of the butter cream. Then just piped some more bricks with the grey royal icing over the edge of the pictures to outline the windows. The best part was that I found one hot pic of a guy that was headless so I shrunk a family photo cut out her hubby’s head and taped it on!

The vines were royal icing.

She ABSOLUTELY loved it!