Coolest Scout Camp Cake

This scout camp cake was made to raise funds in a raffle to help towards cost of scout camp. It’s a simple sponge cake covered in fondant. All decorations are made of colored fondant except marshmallow on stick which is a mini marshmallow. It raised lots of money towards camp costs and as it was my first attempt at something like this I was very pleased with the result. It got a great reaction from everyone who saw it and I was asked to make several cakes after.

I am by no means a professional but I was delighted to get asked to make several cakes to be raffled for other causes like cancer care, school funds etc. It took just a couple of days to make this and I was trilled when a friend won it. She told me it tasted wonderful and it was a shame to cut it. She has a picture of it so she remembers what it was like.