Coolest Scout Uniform Cake

I made this Scout Uniform Cake for our year end ceremony. I baked a 1/2 sheet cake. I used yellow cake mix and buttercream frosting. I cut out the neck and rounded off the bottom.

I iced it all blue. I piped on the yellow tab and the flag. I made an outline for the petals and center of the daisy. I filled them in with star tips using the colors of the actual petals that the girls earned. Then I put our troop number on it.

Everyone thought it was great. The girls were so excited because their cake looked like their uniform! I did goof up on the petals, though. There should be one more. I miss-counted when I was putting them on. Sorry

4 thoughts on “Coolest Scout Uniform Cake”

  1. WOW!! I think this cake is so amazing! Thank you for posting how you did it, I am going to make a couple for our Court of Awards Ceremony.


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