Coolest Scouts Cupcake Cake

I used 42 Mini Cupcakes frosted in Vanilla buttercream for this Scouts Cupcake Cake. Cupcakes are alternating deep chocolate and classic vanilla cake (2 family recipes)baked in paper candy cups like the ones you are given pill in at the hospital. Baking in the candy cups allows you to make a slightly larger mini cupcake and you don’t need mini cupcake pans, just line up the little cups on a baking sheet.

This is the first cupcake cake that I’ve done, and it was really quite easy to decorate. Once the cupcakes were laid out on the board I put a dab of buttercream icing on the bottom of each of the cupcakes on the outside edge so it wouldn’t slide around then I iced the top just as I would a cake using a firm buttercream, once the top was flat I piped the logo using a #3 round tip and filled in the entire cake with #16 stars.

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