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Coolest Scrabble Birthday Cake

This Scrabble birthday cake was made for my friend’s mum for her 70th Birthday. As her mum (Maureen or Mo for short) loves playing Scrabble, I tried to copy the board game as much as possible.

It took me a few weeks of worrying to try to design it and how I would go about it. Luckily, someone made me a stainless steel size cutter the size of a scrabble tile and I made the tiles from fondant icing, when they were dry I drew the letters on them with edible writing pen. I made a few extra in case of breakage.

I decided that it would look good to have a bag with the tiles spilling from it but the first one I made looked like a squashed frog, but persevered and thought this one was OK. The tile holders were made from chocolate flavored icing, I actually molded them over real tile holders that I covered with cornflour first and removed them easily when the icing was dry.

The cake itself was a sponge, which contains almonds and chopped dried cranberries sandwiched together with raspberry jam and coated with butter icing.

Disaster on putting on the first fondant icing topping as I lost control and dropped it lopsided over cake so had to start over again. For the edges of the cake I colored the butter icing with a light brown and spread it on with a comb knife.

After all the worrying and anxiety, I was so relieved that Mo loved her cake and it went down well at her party, it was all gone within an hour. She was so pleased with it and so was I. Okay, it wasn’t perfect but everyone loved it.

Homemade Scrabble Birthday Cake

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