Coolest Sea Life Theme Birthday Cake

My son was having his 4th birthday party at a swimming place and he really wanted a sea-life themed birthday party. I decided to make my own Sea Life Theme Birthday Cake because it would be exactly as I wanted it to be.

I bought 2 boxes of white cake mix and made it according to the package directions in 2, 13X9 rectangle cake pans. I prepared 2 boxes of blue jello, also according to the box directions and let it start hardening in the fridge. When the cake cooled I laid the two layers and put frosting in between the 2 layers. I then cut a natural shaped oval out of the top layer and filled it with the partially set jello.

I put a plastic scuba diver in the middle of the “water” and put it back in the fridge to finish setting. When the jello was set, I used bought jars of white frosting to frost the cake.

For decorating I crushed a box of Nilla wafers to look like sand and sprinkled it all over the top (for my next cake I would cover the jello with saran wrap when putting on crumbs so they don’t get in the jello). I put gummy sharks, octopus, lobsters, clown fish and Swedish fish all over the cake and water. On the sides I cut green licorice to look like seaweed and sprayed it with blue Wilton food coloring spray. I also found sugar seashells and a cake/candy supply shop.

Finally I wrote happy birthday to my son on the back of a Hershey bar and placed it on the cake. The guests at the party could not believe that I made it. Everyone was so impressed. I am not a baker and this was the first time I ever made a cake like this. It was so much fun and I can’t wait till my son’s next birthday.

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