Coolest Seahorse Cake

I found a picture of a seahorse online, blew it up to 9×13 and cut it out for this seahorse cake. I then baked a 9×13 cake. Next I laid the picture over the cake and used a bread knife to cut the shape out. The fin on back was cut out separately.

I then mixed two colors of yellow buttercream. I frosted the front of the seahorse light yellow and the back a dark yellow and blended them together. The fin is light yellow. I then used a number 3 tip to pipe the dark yellow lines on the face and the fine on the head. I carefully placed the fin in position and then added the lines with and number 3 tip. Next I piped on the thick wiggly lines on his body.

I then made a thin border with the same number 3 tip. Finally, the eye was piped with orange frosting and a #3 tip. The cake board is covered with blue wrapping paper and plastic wrap.

3 thoughts on “Coolest Seahorse Cake”

  1. Very neat cake and easy to follow instructions. This will be perfect for the lst graders under the sea day tomorrow thanks!

  2. This cake is awesome. I’ts my daughter’s birthday in 2 weeks and she loves seahorses.That’ll be perfect. Thank you!

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