This Seahorses and Starfish birthday cake is the second cake I have made with “rice krispie” animals! I have such a terrible time with icing though. So, this time I  baked two boxes of strawberry cake (for a 7 year old girls birthday…they all love pink cake) and made a batch of 1/2 butter cream 1/2 Crisco icing which worked well for the aqua base (Wilton colors mix blue and green to get aqua).

I shaped the starfish and seahorse out of rice krispies and put them in the fridge to set for a 1/2 hour or so. Froze the cake layers. Iced crumb layer. Icing layer. Added the krispie animals. Star-tipped them with completely Crisco icing. You have to add extra water though or it won’t actually come out of the star tip. I made “royal icing” which didn’t work at all for the krispies…it melted. So I did the name in royal icing and the deco startip on the layers just because I had it. Worked well for the name.

I actually used a kabob stick through the seahorse into the frozen cake to get it to sit upright and stay. Traveled one hour with it in the car. Stayed beautifully! Was a hit at my friend’s daughter’s party.