I decided to make a Sequence cake for a good friend. We love to get together and play the Sequence game. I looked all over the interenet for ideas, but could not find any that had the Sequence game on on the cakes. That’s why I’m posting this, to help others.

I first started w/ a 9×13″ cake. I covered it w/ homemade buttercream frosting then grey fondant. Then I cut out individual cards; hearts, spades and diamonds from white fondant that I made. I decided not to cut out clubs bc they were too detailed. I used the sequence chips as a stencil for the blue and green chips. I spray painted the hearts and diamonds red and the spades black. The chips I made from white fondant and dyed the fondant blue and green.

I had so much fun making this cake. Just seeing the look on the persons face receiving the cake, makes it all worthwhile :)

Have fun and good luck!