Cool Homemade Sesame Birthday Cake

This Sesame Birthday Cake was my very first time ever baking and decorating a cake. I wanted something different than the usual cake from the grocery store or bakery. I made this cake for my son’s first birthday party. I used a family recipe to make this cake from scratch, but also combined box cake mix to the recipe.

The icing is also from scratch using confection sugar, evaporated milk, food coloring, and a mixer to whip the icing. The bottom layer represents Cookie Monster, using two 12 inch cakes pans and filled with pineapple filling. The middle layer represents Big Bird, I used two 10 inch pans, with coconut filling, and the top layer represents Elmo and is two 6 inch cakes filled with lemon.

I used M&M’s for the borders, and store bought balloons, star sprinkles, Elmo faces, party decoration. All was purchased from local party store. Each tier contains dowel rods to hold the cake up, along with boards between the tiers.