Cool Homemade Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake

My grandson loves Elmo, so for his first birthday cake I chose a Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake. I purchased all of the characters in the toy section. I wanted to use bright primary colors to continue on with the Sesame Street theme. I rolled out Wilton primary color rolled fondant and used Star fondant shapes to create the various star shapes. I let them dry on a cookie sheet for two days.

I also rolled out balls to create the colorful bead boarder. I baked 2 – 10 inch round cakes and 2 – 8 inch round cakes. Frosted them with our favorite buttercream in white. Once frosted I stacked the 2 layers on top of each other after sprinkling coconut on the bottom layer to avoid the cakes from sticking. I alternated the fondant beads on the top and bottom inside layers and did a simply small shell boarder on the outside edge of the cakes in white.

I dusted the entire cake in edible white glitter for sparkle. Then, I started adding the pre-cut fondant stars on the outside, staggering them as I went. Once all of the fondant pieces were on, I placed the characters on various levels and finished with a few small stars on the top of the cake.

14 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Sesame Street 1st Birthday Cake”

  1. Thanks for sharing your cake. We are going to try to make this for my daughter’s first birthday next week. It looks very professional but a simple cake at the same time. I can’t wait to try it out.

  2. Where exactly did the figures come from? I am looking everywhere for some to make a cake for my son’s second birthday.

  3. Thank you for all the wonderful comments! I purchased the figures in the toy section at Target by the Sesame Street toys, they come in two packs. I think anyone can do this. I have never had a decorating lesson in my life! Good luck to all of you!

  4. Aweasome cake! WOW, I love this cake! I am planning my son’s 1st Birthday Party. I am thinking about this cake.

  5. Great job!! Do you think Target still sells the Sesame Street characters you put on the cake!? I sure hope so. You really did an awesome job!

  6. Love this cake! Want to make it for my son’s 1st birthday, but have looked everywhere for the figurines!! Even online, can get them from America, but only second hand bits and pieces otherwise!

  7. Did you put anything in between the two cakes besides the coconut to prevent collapsing? Also, did you make your buttercream frosting from scratch or did you use from the store. I love this cake and am going to imitate for my sons first birthday. Thank you for sharing.

  8. Hey this cakes great . I want to make it for my sons 1st birthday party. Did you use a filling and where did you get the buttercream. I hope it turns out as nice as this did.

  9. I absolutely love it! I’m hoping my aunt can duplicate your cake. I emailed her a picture of it because it’s exactly what I want for my son! I can imagine the amount of hard work and preparation that it required so I wanted to leave a comment to tell you that you did a great job!

  10. I am going to copy your cake for my sons second birthday next month. For anyone who reads this and can’t find the sesame street figures I found them at toys r us. They come in pairs. I have a question about the fondant, did you buy it made or make it yourself? This will be my first cake I make so please wish me luck. I hope my little guy loves it!

  11. Does anyone know if the colorful fondant stars will stick on if I use buttercream icing? or does it have to be buttercream fondant? I am clueless when it comes to baking!! HELP!!

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