Coolest Sesame Street Birthday Cake Design

My husband and I made this Homemade Sesame Street Birthday Cake Design for our daughter’s 2nd birthday. My daughter adores Sesame Street so we knew this would be perfect for her. The cake is iced in homemade buttercream icing colored pink and purple. We sculpted all of the Sesame Street characters out of fondant. We made a couple of batches of homemade fondant but found that the store bought Wilton fondant worked just as well if not better for sculpting.

After sculpting the characters some of them were iced to create a “fuzzy” appearance. We also rolled out some fondant and used cookie cutters to cut out circles, letters, numbers, and stars that we placed on the cake. Make sure the fondant is thin enough so that it sticks to the buttercream icing without sliding off. We also made all of the blocks on top of the cake (we spelled out her name on each block using edible markers) out of fondant, as well as the crayons, presents, and small balls that go all the way around the cake.

We also cut the tiny stars on top of the cake out of fondant then placed them on one end of 24 gauge wire then placed the other end down in to the cake to create the “star explosion”.

We had so much fun making this cake. It took a lot of time and effort but everybody loved it and our daughter was absolutely thrilled!

Homemade Sesame Street Birthday Cake Design

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  1. That is really cool babe!! U should look into this as a career!! seriously…not everyone could just come up with ideas like that…so good job babe=)


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