Coolest Sesame Street Cake

This Sesame Street cake was for my daughter’s 2nd birthday. She loved it! I took ideas from a few other cakes on this website and kind of combined them all!

I used a glass Pyrex bowl to bake the cakes for Elmo and Cookie Monster! For the frosting I used a buttercream for the bottom layer, then used the Wilton frosting to cover the buttercream. I did this so the cake didn’t taste so sugary, the tube frosting is pretty sweet and hard to spread, so I had a bowl of milk next to me to dip my finger in to smooth it out!

The cupcakes are done the same way with buttercream then the tube frosting. The eyes are white m&ms, the noses are m&ms as well! I think I used 2 cake mixes and got the two cakes and 2 dozen cupcakes!

The kids loved the cupcakes, and my daughter loved that she got both Cookie and Elmo!

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  1. I love your cakes. I wanted a Sesame Street theme for my son’s 2nd birthday, but didn’t want to spend a bunch of money on special pans. He loves Elmo best, but likes everyone else too. Your idea is a perfect solution. Thanks!


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