Coolest Sesame Street First Birthday Cake

I saw a homemade Sesame Street first birthday cake online similar to this one and it was perfect for my granddaughter’s first birthday.

I baked three-pound cakes and baked them in 10, 8, and 6-inch pans. Each cake was two layers.I filled the layers with cooked pudding and iced them with homemade butter cream frosting. I tinted the frosting and fondant with Wilton coloring. I needed a lot of coloring to get the colors needed.

The cakes were made and than frozen. Two days before the party I made the characters out of ready-made fondant. I printed photos of the characters and than used them as a sample. It was much easier than I thought. To hold the different shapes on the characters use egg white wash as glue. Let them air dry for a few hours than put in an air tight container.

I had to transport the cakes to Jessica’s house, so having them frozen kept them delicious.. I assembled them a few hours before the party. I had trouble keeping the characters on the cake… I think I should of not used the egg wash on the backs of the characters as they kept sliding down. I used toothpicks to hold them on.

I had made the braid with the left over fondant. I filled all my icing stuff when I froze the cakes so they were frozen also when I transported. The marching band on the top was from a party store.

I made too much cake– had the whole bottom layer left over. There were 38 people with children at the party.

If you have any question, will be glad to help you. Have the fun I had with this homemade Sesame Street first birthday cake.

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