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Coolest Shark Birthday Cake

I made this shark birthday cake for my 26 year old sister in law, Jane who loves the Jaws movies. I used the Jaws movie poster as my inspiration, but put “JANE” instead of “JAWS.”

I did a 9×13 double layer strawberry cake to give it a feeling of bloodiness (my 4 year old son loved it when we cut into the cake). I didn’t do this because I ran out of time to head back to the store when I thought of it. It would have been cool to have the filling be strawberries, raspberries, or cherries to add to the bloodiness.

The title, swimmer, and shark are all made with a half and half mixture of Duff Fondant and Wilton Gum paste. I used aqua colored butter cream frosting for the sky and royal blue for the water. A star tip was used to make the foam at the top of the ocean and a 4” spatula dragged the white into the blue. The spatula was also used to create the waves in the water. I also used the same tip to make the border, which was supposed to look like shark teeth.

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