Coolest Shark Cake

I was determined to find a way to create the best shark cake ever for my son’s 5th birthday. Since I see this is not something that can be purchased, I plotted and planned, and checked out the cakes on this site to ‘borrow’ ideas. I found a Williams-Sonoma football trophy pan that would create the perfect 3-D effect. I baked the cake 3 days in advance so I could freeze it and take my time decorating.

My wonderful husband came up with the idea of using Brachs jelly nougat’s candy for the teeth, with a little carving and hand rubbing they really came out shaped like sharks teeth.

I mixed 3 different colors of blue to create the effect of water and waves for the shark to be “leaping” out of.

I made cookies and shaped a fin out of sugar cookie dough so the entire cake would be edible. I also shaped the side fins and did not choose to use them, but they were tasty.

I stayed up until 3 AM finishing and finally taking the pictures. At 7:30 AM when my son got up, I sent him into the kitchen for his first look…quiet. Where was the joyous yell? Quickly, I discovered that the best laid plans can still fail. My beautiful hard work had slid sideways during the night, and the shark had become lop-sided and ripped messily from the trophy base. I guess the look on my face said it all, my son said,”don’t worry Mommy, I’m not mad, it will still taste good!” Then I knew, he didn’t care about the fancy trappings, he was happy to spend his birthday with his family and friends.

Then…Daddy came up with another great idea.

We mixed the remaining frosting into a thick blood red color, and combined with red sprinkle sugar and m&ms for guts, we created “JAWS–AT THE END OF THE MOVIE!” Maddox had a great time, and he explained to everyone about the ‘guts’, and he was right…it tasted good!

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  1. So cool! I’m surprised she doesn’t already have her own web-cake-design site. How does she find the time… works full-time as a nurse, going to graduate school, two little kids, and a honey too!. God Bless you Girl!


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