Coolest Shark Cake

My son requested a “shark coming out of the water cake” for his pool party for his 7th birthday. So I looked up real pictures of sharks coming out of the water before attempting this Shark Cake.

I baked half of the cake in a small rectangular pan and then baked the other half in a loaf pan. I froze the loaf pan cake and then began just shaving it down with a knife, carving out a mouth and a pointy face. I placed the head onto the rectangle and then frosted it. For the water I dyed the frosting blue (with blue gel dye) but purposely didn’t mix the dye very well (so it was streaky) to look like moving water.

I covered the rectangular piece of cake and the pan it was all sitting on. Then I did a thin coat of frosting in the mouth and then covered it with Strawberry Fruit by the Foot strips. Then I used white frosting for the bottom half of the shark face and then used a little black dye to make grey for the top half of his face. His eyes are Junior Mint candies and his nose was just made with black gel. His teeth are pieces of gum just cut in half and then stuck into the frosting.

My son loved it and so did everyone at the party!

Homemade Shark Cake

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