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Coolest Shaun The Sheep Cake with Sheep Cupcakes

I think I’m a bit crazy to attempt such cakes but the delight on my daughter’s face makes the hours of stress seem worth it. Friends are always pretty impressed! I’m not a cake maker/ decorator but my Mum used to make me amazing cakes as a child and I LOVED it and still look back over the cool cakes she made us kids. Mum’s taught me some stuff but I don’t have a repertoire of proper tools and I just fly by the seat of my pants with it and it all seems to come together.

So, my nearly 4 year old loved Shaun The Sheep (truth be told, so do Mum and Dad) so I found this cake on Flickr by Ozcakes (I have no idea if they created it originally – I couldn’t find another online). It was such a hit! The kids all got to take a cupcake home as a party favour (we are not big on party favours in this family, so this was a good substitute).  The kids were VERY happy.

I made 2 moist Chocolate Crazy Cakes and I sandwiched them together with butter icing (I added a little coffee to the chocolate icing).  The cupcakes were the same mix. I stacked cake boards on top of upturned short glasses (tumblers) and fixed with Blu Tack. Obviously you can use proper cake stands.  Everything else is fondant.

For the forest look at the base of the cake I used a serrated edged tool I found in my Mum’s kitchen drawer to texture it.  The flowers were bought. I made the figurines in advance so I didn’t have that stress with a deadline.  In future I will use that white powder available from cake stores that helps the icing stay firm without drying and cracking. I think it’s called Tylose.

The cupcakes are covered in a round of fondant too. I use butter cream icing for the fondant to stick to on the cakes. Lots of tutorials online on how to roll out the fondant and place on the cake.

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