Coolest Ship Cake

This ship cake was made by me (July 09) for my mum’s family celebration. 50 years ago (1959) my mum and her family made the voyage from England to Australia to live. They came out here on a boat called the Fairsky, so using pictures of the Fairsky ship I made a cake that looked similar to it as a center piece for the party.

The cake was chocolate mud cake. I used 9″ by 7″ rectangle tin and cooked it 6 times then I used a 7″ diamond shape tin to get the shape for the front of the boat. I then assembled it all together using doweling and boards for support and cut it all into shape. I covered each cake with chocolate ganache and then covered it with two layers of fondant.

I rolled up fondant to fill in the gaps where the cake met and then using coloured fondant i made the decorative parts of the boat. I also in advance, made little life boats, smoke stack and pole which I stuck on the side and on top of the boat with white royal icing.

For the railing and support beams (at side of cake) I used cake wire and wrapped it with white flower film and placed it on the cake. I then made butter cream and added blue food colouring and mixed it so it had a marbled effect.

I then covered a 31″ by 16″ cake board using the buttercream to give the water effect. The cake was about 28 inches long. It was a huge hit with my family and my Grandmother was thrilled, she didn’t want to cut the cake.

 Ship Cake

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  1. Samantha did an amazing job on the cake. It took two people to carry it into the venue it was so big. It tasted delicious too. The lifeboats even had oars in them. We were absolutely thrilled with it. Well done Sammi.

  2. The cake trully was amazing! We were absolutely thrilled with it. It was so big it took two people to carry it into the venue and it tasted delicious. You did an amazing job Sammi, well done.

  3. I don’t know you but I think the detail and work that went into this cake is fab! You really show how much you love someone when you go to this extent. Lovely cake!

  4. Hi. I was looking for inspiration to make a boat shaped cake for a 70th birthday, so looked on the net and found your wonderful cake ! Thanks for the photo and instructions. I will be really pleased if it turns out half as good as yours !

  5. I have been searching for pictures of boats and ships to make, haven’t found the one yet, but I came across yours and wanted to say you did a splendid job, I am sure you family loved it. Keep up your amazing work

  6. This is such a cool cake!! My parents with myself and siblings, emigrated on the sister ship Fair Sea. The crew were Italian and the food was fantastic. I can’t believe over 50 years have just flooded back to me! Your cake has brought back many, many memories of the people we met and the friendships we formed during the six weeks voyage. Alas many of those people have passed on but through your cake have been resurrected in my memory.
    Thank you so much for sharing!

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