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Coolest Siberian Tiger Ice Cream Cake

I got this idea for a Siberian Tiger Ice Cream Cake from a cake on this site. Thank You! I wanted to share my version as I wasn’t able to find the Wilton Lion Pan that the submitter had suggested but I followed her frosting ideas and it turned out great! Here is what I did:

1. Ice Cream: Spray 9″ round pan with pan spray and line with saran wrap. Spread softened ice cream in the pan to the depth desired and freeze.

2. Cake: Bake 9″ round according to instructions.

3. Cool cake and flip over onto board that will fit in the freezer (eventually).

4. Frosting: I frosted the main cake all white with a knife. I then hand drew a template for the face outline from the existing cake on this site. I then put it on my copy machine and re-sized it until it was the actual size that I wanted for my cake. I used a piping tip and piped black onto the template and gently laid it on the cake (on top of the white frosting) to give me a faint black outline to follow so I didn’t have to free-hand on the cake (it worked great!).

After piping black for the face, eyes, ears, nose, chin, etc. on the actual cake, I used a wide “ribbon” style tip (like jagged little teeth) and began free handing the stripes and the whiskers. I followed the basic idea from my inspiration cake on this site but found that I really couldn’t have gone wrong with this. Just have fun with it.

I also mixed up very small amounts of pink (for nose) and blue(for eyes) in 2 mugs and piped them into the eye and nose areas. **I used a little corn starch on my finger to “pat down” the frosting in the eyes and nose to take the peaks and pipe lines out.**

5. After I was done frosting the “top” cake I put it in the freezer to harden up the frosting and cake enough to transfer it to the top of the ice cream layer (about 30 min.)

6. When the cake was about ready I took the ice cream (still in 9″round pan) out of the freezer and flipped it over onto a piece of cardboard covered in foil(or cake board)*saran wrap should peel off easily** and spread the white frosting over the top and on the sides. Then I transferred the cake from the freezer on top of the ice cream layer.*make sure cake in freezer is firm enough to do this easily. Otherwise wait a bit longer.*

7. The last thing to do was a little patch work with the white frosting on the sides and continue the black stripes from the top cake (which was already done) to the bottom ice cream layer to make it look like one big cake!

I put it all back in the freezer uncovered overnight and we ate it the next evening. It was great!

Hope this helps if you have a little animal lover who wants homemade ice cream cake.

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