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Coolest Sitting Monkey Birthday Cake

This Sitting Monkey Birthday Cake was made for my daughter’s 20th birthday as we were off to Go Ape for the day.

This sitting monkey cake was created out of two pudding basins. I used the traditional Victoria sponge cake recipe of 10ozs of flour, sugar and vegetable fat and 2ozs of coco powder, and 6 eggs.

I cut the top off the cakes and placed the largest one cut side down. I then trimmed roughly 1 1/2 inches off each side of the cake and put aside to create the arms and legs.

I then shaped the smaller cake into a head and used butter icing to stick the head onto the body. I made 8oz of chocolate butter icing and piped stars all over the two cakes. I then used the offcuts of cake to create the arms and legs and piped stars all over.

I used molded icing to create the hands, feet, ears and eyes etc. They were all held in place with cocktail sticks.

Homemade Sitting Monkey Birthday Cake

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