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Cool Homemade Skull and Cross Bones Cake

I had a good time making this skull and crossbones cake. I used one round pan and one square pan for the design. Then just buy looking at a photo of a skull and crossbones I used a toothpick and drew on the designs I needed to outline with the different icing. I personally think it turned out pretty good.

I am still learning. I really enjoy designing the cakes myself, without a cake pan. That makes it a bit more challenging. I could have easily purchased a pan, but I don’t want a million pans in my cabinets.

I made this cake for my 17 years old’s birthday. I hope he likes it.

11 thoughts on “Cool Homemade Skull and Cross Bones Cake”

  1. My son loves your cake and I am going to try to recreate it for his 7th bday :) is the head/skull the part you used a round cake pan for? and the bones a square pan?? also is all the white frosting just buttercream… did you use the star tip to do it all?

    thanks for any help

  2. That is so cool! How did you do that- wait you explained it….. I to take a pic of that, then on my b-day I’ll tape it onto my b-day cake!!!

  3. One awesome cake, would love to make this for me mates birthday as Skull n Crossbones is his band logo! Doubt mine will come out this good.

  4. That looks great! My teenage son loves skulls and hard rock, so I am very excited to make this cake for his upcoming birthday. Thanks so much!!!

  5. I love this and would love to make it for my son.
    ROUND for the head, square for bones?

    Can you help me by walking me through it?


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