Coolest Slumber Birthday Cake

I used several of the cakes on this site for inspiration and added a few ideas of my own for this slumber birthday cake.

I iced the cake and then draped the fondant bedspread over it, then trimmed it. The girls’ bodies are Twinkies, the heads, bedspread, pillows, hair and dots are fondant that I dyed with food coloring. I tried to make the girls hair color and style like that of the girls of the party, even curling some and making braids and pigtails!

They loved it and didn’t want me to cut it! I drew the faces on with a fine paintbrush dipped in black Wilton food coloring. The headboard is a paper doily, and the bed skirt is a plastic-like lacy thing I found in the wedding section at Walmart. I had to cut it to the right length.

*A tip: I used a garlic press to make the hair “stringy”. It was perfect for making the perfect strands!.

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