Coolest Slumber Party Birthday Cake

I got the inspiration for this Slumber Party Birthday Cake off of your website. However, all the cakes submitted were for girls. So I attempted a boys sleepover cake. It was so much fun! I love making my children’s cakes every year, and this was the first time working with fondant.

I made it from scratch, from an online recipe. Really easy to make. I constructed the base out of 2 box cakes, flipped onto a cookie sheet. I frosted the top of the cake with basic frosting, and rolled out the fondant with drops of green swirls in it. It was very hard to get it onto the cake without ripping, I did have to patch a few spots. The heads, hands, and hair were made of fondant as well. The hair was pushed through the old “fuzzy pumper barber shop” set for playdoh! You can use a garlic press, but I didn’t have one so this worked.

I would put things in the freezer as I was working with them to keep them hard. I used food coloring on the fondant, which can stain your hands so make sure you use lots of Crisco during the whole process. It keeps the fondant from sticking, and your hands clean!