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Coolest Slumbering Girls Birthday Cake

I made these Slumbering Girls cakes for my daughter Kaylie’s sixth birthday.

I started by baking two cakes in mini loaf pans. These would be the beds. After they cooled, I iced both cakes in strawberry icing. Then, I made a marshmallow fondant in pink and blue. Fondant tints much easier if the color is added before the mixture gets more solid.

I rolled out and cut the fondant to make the bedskirts and blankets. To make the headboards, I drew a design on paper, placed wax paper over it, and then piped the design using melted chocolate. Before the chocolate hardened, I placed pirouette cookies on each end.

The bodies under the blankets were large marshmallows and the pillows were also large marshmallows. I used vanilla wafers for the heads and then piped hair and faces on with icing. My daughter loved her sleeping girls for her slumber party birthday.

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  1. My daughter wants a slumber birthday cake for her party. These are perfect! I plan to make one for each girl attending and use different hair coloring to match each girl’s hair.

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