Coolest S’mores Cake

This homemade S’mores cake was for my nephew’s birthday. He had his friends gather for a “camping” party. The cakes are two, 8 inch square chocolate cakes.

The filling is marshmallow creme and vanilla frosting, equal parts mixed together. For this cake I used 3/4 C of each one.

The chocolate was 1 C melted choc chips with 1/2 C Heavy Whipping Cream. Cook in microwave for 1 min and mix together until smooth. You are supposed to put that in the fridge for 10 mins to thicken…. that didn’t work so well! If I did this again I would use hot fudge sundae topping. I think that would be a little thicker and you would get the same effect.

On the top of the cake I pressed in mini-choc chips for the ‘dents’ in the graham cracker and sprinkled with crushed graham cracker.

The kids loved this homemade S’mores cake and it was very easy to make!

5 thoughts on “Coolest S’mores Cake”

  1. What have you frosted the top of the cake with to give it that color since the filling is marshmallow creme and vanilla frosting. When you mix this together does it get that color and do you use that to frost the top and just use marshmallow between the two?

  2. Walmart sells Duncan Hines flavor creations flavor mix. I added a packet of caramel flavor to a container of vanilla frosting and it turned out the light brown color.

  3. The frosting for the cake was simply butter cream frosting with a touch of brown food coloring. The layer between the cakes was equal parts frosting and creme.


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