Coolest Snow White Cake

I got the idea for this Snow White cake from this website. I used a Pyrex bowl to bake the cake. (The cake didn’t bake well in the bowl so half way through baking I removed it from the oven and used a spoon to scoop out the center of the cake forming a hole in the middle similar to a bundt cake).

I removed the legs from the doll and wrapped the bottom part of the dress in foil so as not to ruin it with the colored icing. Stuck the doll into the center hole in the cake and used buttercream frosting colored yellow for the bottom part of the dress.

It was my first attempt at cake decorating so I am aware that it isn’t the best but, my niece loved it and I got requests from 2 other parents at the party to make their daughters birthday cakes. So hopefully I will get better with practice!