Coolest Snow White Cake

Yes, I know, this is totally unoriginal. But that’s because girls love, love, love the princess cakes! I made this Snow White cake for my niece’s 3rd birthday party. I bought a cheap Snow White doll at BJs. I removed her dress and her legs (because she’s taller than the cake pan, and I didn’t want to have to cut a hole in the cardboard support or make the dress taller.)

I baked a cake in the Wilton Wonder Mold cake pan. (I could also have used the Pampered Chef Classic Batter Bowl which is the same shape, although then you lose out on the hollow rod that runs down the center of the Wonder Mold and helps cook the center more quickly.) The skirt was decorated with yellow butter cream, smoothed with a Viva paper towel after setting, and then brushed with pearl luster dust in clear vanilla. (That actually helped smooth out the frosting even more, but I should have used more luster dust because it didn’t show up very well.)

I placed the legless doll in the cake, repaired the skirt frosting at the waist, and then decorated the dress bodice with blue butter cream in a 16 star tip. (Put her hair in plastic wrap, raise the arms, and start at the waist. Once you’ve covered far enough up, set the arms in the position you want them.) I put a big blob of light blue for the sleeves and then just added red stripes.

The doll was done on an 8″ covered cardboard cake plate which I then placed on a 10″ round base cake frosted in green and smoothed. (I used cut plastic straws in the base under the doll to help keep it from sinking in.) I then added a ruffled border in yellow around the bottom of the dress and a few details on the base, and voila!

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