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Coolest Snowflake Wedding Cake

What a perfect idea for a winter wedding?  The wedding cake was gourmet chocolate with chocolate ganache frosting.  Each layer was then dirty iced with white frosting and then covered with ivory fondant.  When I assembled the cake, each layer had dowels placed in the cake to support the additional layer it would hold.  Blue ribbon was placed around the base of each layer to create a clean finish.

The snow flakes were a challenge!  I made templates for different designs and piped each one out of royal icing.  I needed to go over each one 3-4 times and allow them to dry in between layers of icing.  In the end there were over 50 snow flakes on the cake!  I applied them to the cake using Royal icing and made the topper with different sized snow flakes using various heights to represent them falling over the cake.

The most stressful part of the cake?  Driving it 4 hours to the reception hall!  A huge sigh of relief when we got there and I was able to finish decorating it with the more fragile snow flakes!

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