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Coolest Snowman Cake for 5th Birthday

I have never made anything like this Snowman Cake and thanks to this site, found tips and created a cake that our 5 year old loved!

I used a round cake pan for the head and shaped 2 cakes for the bottom. I made marshmallow fondant and coconut for snowflake accents. I also used gumpaste for the hat.

I had a blast making this Snowman Cake for 5th Birthday. It did take a long time (over 20 hours) but seeing the smiling faces was well worth it.

8 thoughts on “Coolest Snowman Cake for 5th Birthday”

  1. this cake is absolutely beautiful! i completely disagree with the person who commented below (vv)! You MUST be the cake boss to pull this off! Great work (:

  2. Hi,
    Your cake looks amazing! I was just wondering if you could tell me how you made the hat? Is it just fondant or cake inside? And how did you make the arms?

  3. Your cake is the best I’ve seen. The fondant is nice and smooth and the whole cake is in proportion. I will use yours as my model.

  4. This was actually the first cake I’ve attempted. The hat was made out of gum paste and the arms were gum paste wrapped around cooking picks.

    Good luck on your cake!


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