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Coolest Soccer Ball 14th Birthday Cake

Inspired by other cakes on this site, I made this Homemade Soccer Ball 14th Birthday Cake for my nephew who is turning 14 and of course plays soccer. It is a Pumpkin carrot cake made from scratch and the icing is cream cheese frosting from scratch as well. Next time I might use a more dense cake so it holds its shape a little better. I also don’t have any fancy cake pans or cake decorating supplies and I didn’t feel like making a bigger mess than I already had going on.

The hexagons are made from homemade chocolate fondant which consists of butter, marshmallows extra dark chocolate and icing sugar. I don’t measure my fondant ingredients; I go by instinct and consistency. I rolled it out and hand cut out the shapes. The white grooves I made by folding up some thicker paper and I found that when I tried to “draw” the lines when I lifted up it made some interesting texture so I went with it.

I did have the ball on another small cake base but it looked like it would topple over and this is going to be taken with us in the car so I took it off of there and put in on a new plate and ended up taking some of the original base but it worked out OK because then it gave the ball a bit of tilt off the plate and looks kind of neat.

I’m such a rank amateur at this but it is so fun to be creative. Thanks for the inspirations.

Homemade Soccer Ball 14th Birthday Cake

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